Our Mission at Pinto

Our mission is to manufacture and supply quality corrugated products, while continuously improving our systems to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We strive to work as effective members of our client's team to ensure the most innovative, qualitative, and economical results, while remaining flexible to improvements that reflect the growing needs of our customers and the industry.

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A Brief History of Pinto Packaging

Pinto-Packaging Ltd. was incorporated in 1976 as a manufacturer of corrugated products. Our initial niche was the provision of small quantity run corrugated products.

Pinto History

Over the years, we have grown to provide many industries packaging solutions to suit their unique requirements.

Pinto History

Our experience has led to our specialty in POP displays, custom automotive packaging, and the ultimate one-stop-shop from design to fulfillment to managing customers inventory and shipping requirements.

Pinto History

In 2007, our company added to it's specialties a class 10 000, or ISO 7, clean room, for the assembly and packaging of medical devices, cosmetics, prepackaged foods, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare supplies.

Pinto History

Pinto-Packaging and the Environment

Pinto-Packaging Ltd. is committed to protecting the environment and ensures all products manufactured by our people meet environmental laws and regulations. We work to reduce the impact our product has on the environment through employee training and implementation of programs and polices. We reduce, reuse and recycle wastes and packaging. We carefully manage hazardous and toxic chemicals to avoid harmful environmental effects. We conserve energy, materials and water resources and improve efficiencies to avoid unnecessary waste. We monitor and measure significant operations and outputs to ensure continued improvement. We work with our customers and respect their policies to improve our systems and the environment.

Pinto Quality

Pinto-Packaging Quality

Pinto-Packaging Ltd. is committed to the provision of quality products and services through implemented systems and processes. It is our policy to deliver your goods on time and provide the highest quality manufactured products. Our designs ensure customer requirements are met and exceeded. We conform to regulatory and customer requirements. We comply with ISO standards and work with suppliers that manufacture products to these standards. We believe quality is achieved through training and employee involvement and continually work toward improving our internally driven quality systems.