Corrugated Packaging

Pinto-Packaging Ltd. offers a large assortment of corrugated cartons in various sizes, board strengths, thicknesses, and colours. We customize die cut cartons to suite your needs; however, we also sell various sizes of stock cartons, both standard and die cut, in small quantities.

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Measuring Carton Dimensions

When measuring the dimensions of a carton, always use the inside dimensions of the carton. There are three dimensions to consider: the length (I) is longest measurement followed by the width (w) and then the height (h) or depth of the box (I x w x h). The units of measure may be metric or imperial.

Standard Carton Styles

Regular Slotted Carton (RSC): The RSC is the most commonly used carton may be manufactured plain, printed, or label laminated. Whether it is made from single, double or triple wall corrugated board, this carton is best suited for most products and is usually the most economical to produce.

Full Overlap Slotted Carton (FOL): The FOL is most commonly used when the width of the box is considerably smaller than the length. The overlapping flaps provide extra cushioning and stacking strength. A full overlap carton tends to be more resistant to rough handling.

Telescopic Body and Lid: The body and lid are two pieces, one being slightly larger than the other. These are assembled using glue, tape or staples. There are multiple uses for this style of carton.

Cut Out Wrapper (COW): The COW is a type of folder used to ship pictures, compact discs, and books. A COW is one piece, easy to use and the closure is taped.

Five Panel Wrapper (FPW): A FPW is idea for shipping products with a small diameter or products that hold risk of puncturing through the box. The several layers at each end provide stacking strength and protection.

Partitions: Part it ions are used to create cells within a carton. They provide extra stacking strength and protect products within the carton from damaging one another. They are commonly used when shipping glassware or other fragile products.

Pads: Pads are plain pieces of corrugate commonly used as dividers or fillers within a carton. They serve to protect layers of products and offer added strength.

Standard Die Cut Carton Styles

Trays: Die cut trays are commonly used to display products. They are usually self-locking and may be design to have stacking ability. Trays are not shipping containers on their own and frequently ship in cartons or as part of point of purchase displays.

Mailers: Die cut mailers have a self-locking lid that allows for frequent opening and closing. These are commonly used for stationary envelopes and freezer cartons (meats).

1•2•3 Bottom with a Tuck Top Lid: This style of carton may be used for a variety of products and are easy to open and close. They are easy to set up and do not require taping.

Customized Die Cuts: Many of our customers require a unique package for the shipping or displaying of their unique product. We design structurally competent die cut cartons from a variety of substrates, such as corrugated board, foam, and plastic to cater to the customers' requests.


Corrugated Insert


Foam Insert

Stock Cartons

We have common carton styles and sizes available to our customers and the general public. These cartons include RSCs, die cut mailers, die cut ballet boxes, and many more. Please contact our sales department for sizes and prices. Available in two sizes, die cut mailers are perfect for shipping parcels such as popular subscriptions box products and food delivery services, such as frozen meat and fish products and meal prep kit boxes.


File Box Stock Cartons


Die Cut Mailer Stock Cartons

Police Packaging

We supply specialty packaging to various police departments including swab boxes, gun and knife boxes with tie holes, evident boxes and rifle boxes. Please contact us for pricing and inventory.


Gun and Knife Box with Tie Holes


Single Swab Box

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Pinto-Packaging Ltd. specializes in custom point-of-sale (POS) and point-of-purchase (POP) displays to successfully promote our customers’ products. We use ArtiosCAD to verify our design specifications and we offer full samples to test the products being displayed. We offer litho laminating, flexo printing, digital printing and coloured liners to create the most visually appealing displays. We offer full display services including design, assembly, fulfillment, warehousing, shipping, and pallet management.

We have created may unique designs, such as a hexagonal shaped floor display and other interesting die cut, fully laminated floor-to-ceiling advertisements. Our common displays include full, half, quarter and eighth pallet displays, end of aisle displays, counter and point of purchase floor displays. We also manufacture and fulfill pre-packed kits for retail stores and medical supplies and/or devices.

Custom Displays

We have over 45 years experience in the design, manufacturing, and fulfillment service of customized displays for shipment to large retail stores across North America! We work with your team to provide an economical solution for branding your company's name and maximizing your product sales. We offer palletized floor displays, counter and end-of-aisle displays, as well as, in-shelf displays.


1/2 Pallet Display


Quarter Pallet Peg Board Display


Half Pallet Peg Display


Full Pallet Sleigh Multi-Bin and Peg Display


Full Pallet Octagonal Dump and Peg Display


1/4 Pallet Shelf Display

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Specialty Packaging

Pinto-Packaging Ltd. realizes not all solutions to packaging needs are cookie-cutter. We provide our customers many customized, specialty items.

The following are examples of specialty products available:

  • Build ups
  • Customized foam inserts and fillers
  • Full service packaging and fulfillment services
  • Coloured and specialty liners (including coated and wax liners)
  • Assembled partitions
  • Manually gluing of large containers and products
  • Bulk boxes
  • Tubes
  • Single face rolls
  • Micro flutes (E-F-N)
  • Lamination of various substrates to corrugate
  • Screen printing
  • Double and triple wall thickness
  • Plastic corrugated containers
  • Returnable packaging
  • Electrostatic packaging
  • Pallets supply and management programs
  • Tape
  • Hooks, price tag holders, hangers and other display paraphernalia
  • Corner post
  • Bubble wrap
  • Shrink wrapping services
  • Clean room